Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 938

Today is my 938th day of being unemployed. As I search over those same website again I think to myself. Why am I unemployable. Is it because have a termination on my resume I had no part of? Or is it this economy which keeps me in interviews, but many cancelations. So as I filter through the Texas Workforce Center website I become angry at the Bureaucracy of it all. How can a Veteran find work when those helping him or limited by bureaucracy. For example when you go to the VA Rep down at the workforce center they can only help you in the scope of your matches on the website. They have no pull with these companies or contacts. So all they can do is help you write your resume. Tell you to go email or fax someone. And for the federal system it is a joke to. I'm taking vocational rehablitation in order to boost my contacts. For which I have to drive two hours and what do they hand me the same stuff the vet rep did here in town just for the big city. They didn't even look at my resume or my education. And I'm going to drive two hours or move to the big city for a $9.00 an hour job which I probably way over qualified for and won't get. Really. So this is my rant and I hope people out there will listen to my troubles and help the sytem change for the better.

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