Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days End

Sadly I end my day the same as I end all days unemployed and sitting in my parents home. Which shortly I might not have due to my father who believes I sit all day around here doing nothing. He is one of those types who has to be always working. And well if you are not continually working in his sight you are not working. So he tells me if I don't find a job soon I'm out on my own. Even though I been paying his bills for the last year with savings because his contracting job was down. Now he has a job at a refinery after fifteen years of not having a steady job, living from one major job to the next falling short a lot with me pulling the slack. And thinks he is better than me. So now I hurry to find a job on the bring of insanity. So if you think you got it bad living with your parents out of work meet my stepfather.

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