Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Story Behind Unemployment.

After serving in the military I went on to get my degrees in History and Political Science. Afterwards I sought out a postion in the federal government to help my country. Things were going well until she decided I was no longer a valued employee and fired me. No warning, nothing. See if you are in propational period they can fire you for anything and not have to worry about it coming back on them. So here I am unemployed. However, this did not stop me. I took my GI Bill to better myself as an employee. I went to the University and got a Masters Degree in Public Administration. Believing this would help me become more employable. Now here I sit applying and reapplying to the federal, state local, and civilian jobs. None who seem to want to hire me. I ask not much, just an office or workspace where I can make the money to support myself and my debt. But sadly none has come.

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